Ugly Soap by the lb.
Ugly Soap by the lb.
Ugly Soap by the lb.

Ugly Soap by the lb.

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Our Ugly Soap is always a surprise! (Sold by the pound)

In order to offer a HUGE 50% discount, there's no time to label our Ugly Soap! These are the same great soaps we always make, but sometimes we cut them all wonky (oops!) or we have trouble getting it molded before it sets up.

The result? Some really ugly, odd-shaped soap! We can't bring ourselves to scrap it because it's still awesome soap to use and full of high quality natural ingredients! We'll weigh out a pound of our end cuts and odd-shaped ugly swirls just for you.

So, if you're the type who loves natural soap and doesn't care about labels or imperfections, snatch up a pound (or two) at a whopping 50% OFF. Hurry, only while supplies last!

Scent Note: Random assortment of scents is included in each Surprise Package (even some new never before offered scents!)

Details Your Salt Island natural handcrafted Ugly Soap will arrive unlabeled in a "Surprise" package. Each individual product is slightly different in appearance because they are handcrafted, hand-cut (sometimes poorly), and awkwardly swirled full of natural goodness. You can learn more about our process and natural ingredients in our Important Info.
Natural | Vegan Made with only the best premium food grade vegetable oils of olive, coconut, and organic sustainable palm, natural earth clays and cosmetic grade micas for color.
Should you have questions prior to ordering, feel free to message us! We are happy to answer questions.
Weight 1 lb (equivalent to 4 of our regular bars)