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We enjoy things that remind us of relaxing vacations, clear blue ocean waters, tropical drinks and living the good life on the beach.  You like those things too, don’t you?


Natural products can be fun and exciting too!  That’s why we make natural soap, premium soy candles and wax brittle that remind you of the carefree person you are when you’re on vacation and we name them with colorful witty expressions.

Whether you’re a Naughty MermaidMargarita Mama or a Dirty Pirate, you’re sure to find that our soap and candles can mentally transport you to that place – you know the place, yeh, that one.


To make high quality handcrafted soap & candles from real natural ingredients, pure essential oils and the finest skin-safe synthetics we can find – and share them with you!


We like to know stuff about the people who make the things we buy and we thought you might like to know a little about the Salt Island soapmakers.

The Makers | Salt Island Soap Co.I’m Colleen and this is my husband, Ronnie. We are addicted to the painstaking process of patiently handcrafting small batches of soap and we absolutely love it!

We started making soap in 2014 because I’m super sensiteev-o to commercial detergents and I was constantly trying to combat a case of the itchies.

“I just love how this handcrafted soap makes my skin feel so dry and itchy.”

– said no body ever.

So, here’s what I did… I turned up my sweet wifey charm and asked the hubs to help me start formulating my own soap recipes. Actually, Ron is Mr. Chef-man-slash-push-over so it wasn’t hard for me to convince him to help me get started with some soap recipes.

So, for more than a year, we spent every waking moment researching, concocting, testing, testing, and more testing. We had soft batches, rock-hard batches, sticky batches, crumbly batches, ugly batches – well, you get the point.

And eureka! Through all that, we’ve created our very own unique soap recipes with some really awesome scents that we think will transport you a tropical island and make you laugh at the same time.


We live and make soap on the gulfcoast of Southwest Florida.

When we aren’t patiently making soap or handpouring candles, we enjoy wandering the beach with our retired racing greyhound, napping in hammocks, and exploring natural places – like Sanibel Island and Cayo Costa.

Some day we’ll make a trip to Salt Island (it’s a remote tropical island in the Caribbean)!


We care about people! That's why it's important to us as a company, to give back as often as possible. We live and work in the heart of Hurricane Country. So, when we aren't evacuating to get away from the storms, it makes our hearts happy to donate our handcrafted soap to those affected by disaster.